Quick Quotes

I just started Physical Therapy. It sucks.

Resources are good. The Neg9 wiki is becoming a resource.

Three simple drum patterns that have been kicking around my head since the beginning of this week. This blog lets me share them with the few people who visit or those people who find it long after 2017 Aug 03.

How to publish a version of BikeIM.

Looking for this?

Battle for the Net July 12 2017. Defend net neutrality by shouting at congresspeople and the FCC online.

End Mass Surveillance

Spam is currently being moderated by disallowing http:// and https:// in comments. If you put this into your comment, it won't show up on the blog. Spammers have already added 23 comments to the blog in a number of hours. Hopefully this will dissuade them as it has in the past.

AltSci Cell now uses Python for the whole blog. I spent a while writing a nice blog in Python using Django. Now I have a beautiful and well-written system. More on the way, unified blog is next, then converting AltSci.com/concepts/ as well as AltSci.com/ お楽しみに!

Please note that some of the blog posts are very old. Please consider my age at the time of writing.